Fairphone 2 Updater

I need guidance on the above as I received notification but no advice how to do it?
I have downloaded something but can’t locate it at all?

You mean you received a notification telling you there was an update, and you downloaded it? Did you go in the app “Updater” and updated your device? Could you give a few more details?


I have no way of discerning that updating is in process. How can I discover?

If you tapped on the notification, and you downloaded the update, normally you don’t have anything else to do.
To check, could you open the app “Updater”, and see on which version you are? If you are on version 19.11.2, that’s it!

checking now…will let you know

Version is 1.39.17…?

This is the version of the app isn’t it? I was asking about the version of the OS. Isn’t written in big “Fairphone OS 19.11.2”?

Whereabouts will I see that?

Normally, when you open the app.
Don’t you have something like this, but more up to date?

I only see what I posted above…nothing more

Could you send a screenshot?

Having started download I don’t have access to that original notification which didn’t resemble the above at all

But this isn’t a notification, I was asking whether you could:

  1. Open the app named “Updater”
  2. Take a screenshot and send it
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How? Facility on Fairphone?

I don’t understand what you mean.

Is it that complicated?

I need technical advice from Fairphone… Why wasn’t there any accompanying instruction guidance supplied when I bought Fairphone 2?
Totally at a loss…

If you want to contact Fairphone officially, you have to contact fairphone support here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. This is only a community Forum limited to giving helpful advice.
Then, if you want official guides from Fairphone, just have a look here: support.fairphone.com

If you need to know exactly how to open an app and do a screenshot, I can provide you with explanations, but I consider this to be the basics of using a smartphone.


Thanks Alex…that’s ideal…‘just the ticket’…


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