Fairphone 2 unusable while charging

Take a look at this list

Thanks very much Paul.

So what you are saying is that it works with some chargers but you can’t name those? You keep shipping the phone without a charger and it’s up to your customers to try different chargers until they find one which actually works? Or they should always take a computer with them to charge the phone? Or just stop using the phone while charging?

This would all be quite funny if it wouldn’t drive me crazy every other day. I tried three different chargers and the phone is unusable with all of them.

This week I experienced exactly the same behaviour with an iPad Air 2.
A colleague and me are supporting mobile devices in our company. There was an iPad that needed an update. The battery was very low so I decided to charge it during the download. After a while it locked itself, just as configured. A little later I wanted to have a look at the progress and was prompted to enter the code.

I wasn’t able to do so. Some touches where correctly recognized, others where ignored or doubled.
Even after several attempts I was not possible to enter the correct code.
Then I pulled the charging cable and everything was back to normal. Putting the cable back in - same erroneous behaviour.
After further investigation wie found out that our nice white cable belonged to a third party charger.
A genuine Apple cable we tried after that nicely did the job.

So this is by no means a Fairphone specific issue.
It can occure with any device-charger-combination.

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FP is a small company and doesn’t have the resources to test all chargers. But there is a community list of working chargers.

You can get a charger in FP’s shop, but not shipping chargers automatically with every order reduces e-waste alot.

That is true. Some companies even try their best to make sure that their phones and chargers are not compatible with other phones and chargers. Just so you have to buy their charger/cable after the first one broke (which it was designed to do after warranty ran out).

I’ll put the link to the list of chargers in the first post to make it easier to find.

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I’ve been having this screen unusable issue on some chargers on my Fairphone 2, so I decided to buy a USB power meter. In my testing the screen is still usable if the voltage stays above 5V when a current is drawn.

On the chargers where the screen doesn’t work while charging, I’ve been finding the voltage is dropping as low as 4.80 and possibly slightly lower. When no current was drawn these USB outlets give out 5.0 V. With the chargers where the screen is usable during charging the output voltage is normally closer to 5.2V when no current is drawn.

I’m wondering if there’s something in the electronics of the such that when the voltage goes below 5V, even just 0.2 V (a 4% reduction) is enough to cause the touch sensitivity to no longer work.

I wonder if anyone else has done similar tests and can confirm the above. The tester that I’m using is http://www.portablepowersupplies.co.uk/portapow-premium-usb-dc-power-monitor/


I have seen a comment from a user on this forum that received a replacement phone from Fairphone, and only one of them (I don’t recall if it was the new one or the old one) had this problem. So it appears that this problem doesn’t occur on all phones.

It occurs on my phone though, much to my chagrin. It would be good to test replacing the bottom module and see if that fixes this issue. Anybody willing to sacrifice € 20 for science?

Well, of course there are no randomized double-blind studies yet, but I think it’s save to say that there is about a 99% correlation with the used charging equipment (charger, cable, plug) when it comes to this issue.
I wouldn’t invest in a study that tries to determine how much of the last 1% is related to the bottom module.


I find my touchscreen stops working or is very glitchy if I’m charging my phone. Will try the “My display / screen is not working properly” help page and see if that works!

I moved your post here as the topic you posted in was a different issue. You need to try other/better cables/chargers. Here is a list of chargers reported as working by the community:

Thanks - I don’t quite understand how a new cable will stop my Fairphone’s screen from being non-responsive while the phone is charging, but will give that a go!

Bad charging equipment causes static which causes the touch function to malfunction.

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I think Anker is really overrated.
I bought a charger and cable from them, thinking that for the price I would be rid of problems…

Now I still have the unresponsive screen, and after few weeks the cable is losing contact.
I can even feel the static when touching the end of the cable…
I am strongly dissatisfied.

Does someone know a really serious charger brand ?

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My Anker charger and cable still works properly. No unresponsive screen, no loose contact.

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I have an Anker 2-port charger, it produces a lot of static… Maybe it is defective ?

Just bought a Anker 24W 2-Port USB Ladegerät mit PowerIQ and it dont work. Plug in display unusable plug off normal use.


I have an Anker 4-port charger and it often causes lockups with my FP2. It has been rocksolid on all other devices that I ever used it for, though.


I am on version 1.9.3 and got FP2 today. If the phone is plugged to power, the touch function of the display freezes shortly while using it. Pressing the power button twice (first to lock the phone and second to bring it up again; the display needs to be completely dark before unlocking) makes the touch working again after it freezes again shortly.

It is really strange, that this problem is only present while plugged to power and loading the battery.

This should be fixed otherwise this is unusable.

I am not sure if this is related to your problem.

In this tread you can find a lot of useful information on this issue.
Please also read earlier posts above.

Most probably it is related to your charger model. I guess if plugged into your computer for charging the phone is behaving correct?

It looks like you will have to get another charger.

Yes, I have tested with 4 different chargers. Only a very old one from Sony seems to work. I had a look into the userlist, they mentioned the 2-Port-Anker (24W) I have, which had the worst issues of all chargers I have tried with, it should be removed from the list.

Also not working is my Motorola-charger. While phone keeps being responsive the charger-LED turns off and on again random several times a minute.

But, is it possible, that the Anker would work with a different cable? I have tried it only with the cable it shipped with.