Fairphone 2 UK Based, Fully working barring screen

I had posted this ad before but it was closed before i could respond to the people who had expressed an interest, hope re-posting is allowed!

I have a Fairphone 2 which has a broken screen. Everything else is 100% functional, no SD card.

I’d like to sell it in one piece for 90£ + Postage but if required , i can break it up into the individual modules

The Bottom module was replaced
The case is the slimline case both ordered in 2017
and i am pretty sure i replaced the battery between then and now too.

See photos -

I am in the UK but can send to Europe and can calculate postage on request

photos below, please let me know if the links dont work!


I recommend you send @G-Walker a private message (you should be able to do this by now). Click at the username and a “Message” button should be visible.

Market posts are closed automatically after a relatively short period of time to prevent people from (usually without being aware of it) posting their personal address and other details here in public.

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Thanks @urs_lesse I’ll give it a go!

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actually gwalker had already bought a replacement by the time i saw his message. So back to square one :slight_smile:

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since you asked.
When I follow your picture links, they take me to google photos (quite obviously).
But seeing them requires an account with google, which I don’t have; and I guess there are some users here, that avoid google.

But you should be able to upload the pictures to your post from that link.

Go to edit post (i.e. click on the little pencil in the bottom right corner of the posting).
Then in the menu at the top of the posting click on the upload symbol (upward arrow) and choose “from the web” and paste the link there.
If this does not work, as maybe the forum can not access this page as well, choose “from my device” if you have those pictures on your computer/phone and select the picture in the file manager.

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Thanks Bert - I’ve uploaded the file directly

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