Fairphone 2 slow charging

Hey guys,

since today my fairphone 2 is charging extremly slow. Like normally it took about 1-2 hours to fully charge, now it needs more than 4 hours. Is it a battery/hardware problem? I remember that i recently updated the fairphone. Maybe thats the reason?

Thanks in advance


I assume you are using the same charging port with the same cable and the battery is not emptier than before?

Yes, everything is the same.

To be honest, four hours on a (nearly) empty battery seems normal to me; at least it is for my FP2.
Do you have the feeling, that the phone or the battery is heating up during charging? I guess the charging current would be reduced in case of overheating and the charging taking longer.
You should clearly watch the further development. Should the charging time increase further this migt indeed be a sign for a faulty battery (my guess) or phone.

Hey Bert,

a colleague gave me the advice to totally shut it down, remove the battery and turn it on again. Seems like it worked. Now the last 20 % of the battery will be charged in 20 minutes, like before. Maybe there was a program running in the background, but the discharge has been not faster than usual.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


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