Fairphone 2 ring volume can't be changed, my voice is not heard on any calls

I’ve done two software upgrades and reboots on my FP2 but am still having problems with my voice not being heard on any calls and not being able to change the ring volume in settings.

All suggestions for what I can do to solve this welcome. Thanks!

Is FPOS (standard Fairphone operating system) installed on your device (or a different one like FPOOS, LineageOS, …)?
Did you use the checkup tool to check your microphone?
What happens if you try to change ring volume? Can you just change it by using the volume buttons?


Could be a problem with the audio jack if you use a headset. If you have a headset with wire connection try plugging it in.

Thanks Volker. Yes, FPOS is installed on my FP2. I can’t turn the ringtone volume up on my screen, the volume buttons don’t work, and I can’t toggle the mute button when making or receiving calls.
I looked elsewhere on the forum for info about microphone checkup since I couldn’t find the checkup facility on my phone. Other posts said that the microphone checkup is part of the updater process. Is that what you mean? If so, I don’t think that’s it - I ran the Fairphone Updater process twice before posting here.

Thanks OldRoutard - I don’t use a headset but that’s good to know for future reference.

Not easy to find and not easy to reference either, in these dynamically-built webpages.

and in particular

### Test your microphone

Go to the Checkup tool (Settings > Maintenance > Checkup) and click on Primary microphone.

Simply start the test, hold the phone like you are making a phone call, and start talking. If everything is working correctly, you should be able to hear your own voice through the ear speaker.

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Thanks OldRoutard; when I test the primary and secondary microphones via Maintainance > Checkup, the primary microphone doesn’t work but the secondary microphone does (it’s very faint as I’d expect). Well, I can follow the threads on the forum about dealing with the primary microphone, which seems to mean replacing it, but that’s getting too technical and fiddly for me and my poor eyesight so I’d really like some help from an Angel. I’ll contact them even though they’re not very near me and see if we can work something out. Thanks for your help!


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