Fairphone 2 rear camera (8MP) - FREE

I have a FairPhone 2 rear camera (8MP) that I no longer need. The unit is about 2 years old and works perfectly.

I have just cleaned it and its all ready to be shipped to a new owner. No charge but happy to have the unit used, otherwise it will be recycled. Shipping will be from Glasgow, Scotland.

Contact me if you are interested or need a new camera unit for your phone.

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Just in case you don’t know yet: Should you need to recycle it, please consider doing so with Fairphone’s own Recycling Program :slight_smile:


Interesting, now it´s up.
At the time when I received my replacement camera module some when in 2016 they advised me to get the unused module properly recycled. But as it only had this focusing issue I was glad to give it to the Fairphone Angels around here.

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