Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

For urgent matters it usually works best to call them. Details are at the bottom of most support pages:
Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

If it all doesn’t work out, I’d suggest to cancel your order and to reorder when the phone will be in stock (which is projected to be at the case at the end of May). In that case it will be much, much easier to estimate delivery.

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hy everyone. Just wanted to say that I ordered my phone on the 29th of february an it arrived three days ago, so the delivery times have been fully respected :wink: already enjoying my new Fairphone for which I am most happy ! And a huge thanks to the @fairphonestaff for updating constantly!


I am wondering if the delivery will go on during holidays (such as upcoming ascension day) or will this delay the delivery?

I’m guessing that this will have been factored into the schedule that’s in the official blog updates as it is easy to foresee. Note that the schedule only provides a prediction of when phones will leave the fulfilment centre. The time spent in transit might be a slightly longer for some of the orders…

Hi all,

We’re getting closer to shipping all open Fairphone 2 orders. That moment should come in about 2 weeks (20 May)! If you have recently received your phone, feel free to keep sharing the news here to keep our spirits up. :sunny:

The latest delivery update is now on the blog. Our update went up on Friday due to the Ascension Day and Liberation Day holiday.



I’ve ordered my phone on the 29th of March and it arrived today! Very happy with my new phone! Not with DHL Europlus delivery (which is not the fault of fairphone!). The track and trace said it would be delivered today. I kept waiting and waiting, and after a while I checked the track and trace again and I read that they just dropped it in my mailbox. I was home the entire day! They didn’t ring our bell or ask for my signature! If you order a phone of 500 euros you expect the courier to deliver it and ask for your signature!


:heart_eyes:, today I received my Fairphone! To me it wasn’t so long (ordered at the 5th of April) . And I fully understand it, that a new business with real values needs it’s time to coordinate everything and persue the whole manufacturing process. If we want new ways of business and economy we have to show, that customer satisfaction is not only influenced by price and delivery time, but by idealism and degrowth,… too.
Thank you Fairphone- Team for this wonderful work!


On Twitter Fairphone just announced that they already shipped all Fairphone 2 from last weekend:


That means there is basically no delay anymore (or only a few days) between order and shipping.


My order from April 11th has still “prepare batch” as status. Either not all phones are shipped (twitter post is also no longer available) or not every order has an updated status. :slight_smile:

I have my FP2 for more than three month now and it is still “prepare batch” in the shop.


Good to know, thanks! :slight_smile: Did you still get a tracking id?

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No, I didn’t get a tracking id or e-mail that the phone was on it’s way to me before it arrived. But it seems that I have got one of the best phones with no really annoying bugs :slight_smile:.

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I received my tracking-ID 2 months after my phone arrived. :grinning:

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With the dates from two month ago? You didn’t geht a second Fairphone?!

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Unfortunately not. :grin: Instead I’m now waiting for the voucher to get the case I originally ordered. Guess that e-mail is a little bit late too. Doesn’t really matter though, because I’m really happy with my fairphone :slight_smile:

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"It’s official – we have shipped all pre-ordered Fairphone 2’s! Thanks to all of you for your patience these last months. We hope this blog post has been a useful resource since we started shipping phones in December. Since we’ve finished these shipments, this will be our last update to the blog.

Now we have the Fairphone 2 in stock! Fairphone 2 orders will be processed the next business day, and depending on your choice of payment and shipment, most parts of Europe will receive a phone in less than one week."

Still no tracking ID for me and phone is not here - yet! Hope it arrives until saturday :slight_smile:

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Hi @aljoscha,

Sorry to hear this - is it still an issue?

Are you sure it didn’t go into spam? Otherwise, contact support:

Nope, got a tracking ID and it should arrive today :smiley:

But thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just arrvied!


Yeah, I cheked the spam folder because all fairphone-mails land there. :wink: Unfortunately nothing so far. I contacted the support as well but didn’t get an answer yet. Shouldn’t be long anymore since I wrote my complaint on 28th of April. I think I will get an answer soon.