Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

In case it can be of interest, I have ordered my Fairphone the 27 of January and it arrived this morning.
I am very happy finally! :slight_smile:


PS Thanks to the forum for the help and support!


Waiting often does not involve rational behaviour…Though i think this “helps”, because Fairphone only gives the Wednesday update and for me it is interesting to see how fast they are (really) going on, etc…And a weekly update is not that much, even if there is no possibility of a more detailed prediction.

Thanks to @Izzluca i know that there are phones ordered on 27.01. which got delivered! This is nice to know! Especially as i ordered on 29.01. :wink:

If I can add something, I didn’t get any mail from Fairphone: I was expecting to receive an email as update for the progress of the order, instead was just a (very nice!) surprise for me to get the phone, today.

I think that is of relevance because I was expecting to get an email and, from there, to have to wait more.
Also, would be nice to understand, for who has to receive the phone still, if any mail is supposed to be sent from Fairphone or not.

I checked the email address I have specified in my profile and it is the correct one, no mail in the spam, so (to me at least) really looks like it wasn’t sent!

That said, the first look is very positive: the phone looks very fancy and solid, no lags, already got an OS update that went pretty well, loudly speaker, the led makes the job. Still no test done for the camera, just few pictures taken and it looks ok, honestly I don’t care too much, my use of the camera is very moderate.
So far so good! :slight_smile:

Happy Fairphoning!


@lzzluca zzluca, I was notified of your post by colleagues. We are now aware that for our orders shipped yesterday, our webshop did not send out any shipping confirmations. Currently working on fixing this, so you’ll probably receive your message either today or tomorrow - sorry for the inconvenience!

So for all of you: you should normally receive a tracking code before your phone. There is always a slight delay, orders processed during the day will send tracking codes from the warehouse system to the webshop during the evening/night for processing, which results in a bit of delay between actual shipments and notifications.

If other people notice their phone arriving before their tracking code, please keep reporting it, because that ain’t right and means something needs to be fixed.


Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Here’s the latest delivery update on the blog:

Updated: Thursday 14 April

We are currently shipping phones that were purchased until the 28th of January. Our latest planning is that at the end of next week, we will have shipped all orders until the 17th of February.

In addition, this month we plan to ship all February orders as well as a part of the orders purchased in March. However, it is too early to forecast how much of the March orders we can ship, but we will know more about this in next week’s delivery update.

Part of our management team is going to our production partner in China next week to inspect the process and validate the newly installed quality control checks. This will help us make sure we have a steady production both in terms of quality and quantity.


I got mine, ordered on 29.01. today, including a email notification :slight_smile:


I’ve paid on 02.02.2016 and got an e-mail with tracking number.


Just for information:
I ordered on 22nd of Jan. and received the phone this week on thursday (14.4.).
Unlike you I’ve got a notification mail - one day before on 13.4.

Delivery was indeed quick - 1 day from NL to Austria.

Have fun … :wink:


Mine is in transit since Friday about 17:00 also to Austria (Vienna) (that’s longer than 1 day … :smiley:). DHL says it should arrive on monday “by end of day” :slight_smile:

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Hi @Douwe,

I got the voucher that should let me order the originally requested covers for my two FP2’s, but the voucher code didn’t work. Case 99489. I hope this is not a widespread issue. In any case I’d still like to get the originally ordered covers.

Does anyone know where we are with deliveries? It’s all gone a bit quiet on this thread.

This week’s update from the blog (linked below):

According to our current planning, we will have shipped all February orders at the end of this month. After that, we continue with the delivery of orders purchased in March, which we expect to ship in the first two weeks of May. Then April orders are up, which are planned to reach owners in the third week of May.

The outlook now is that we will have – for the first time in Fairphone 2 history – stock around the end of May. This means real-time shipping: you will be able to purchase a phone and have it as fast as the carrier can get it to your doorstep!

Our Operations Director, Steve, is in China this week to make further improvements on the newly installed quality control checks we mentioned in earlier blog updates. This means that the supply from China is stabilizing and we can better forecast when your phone will be delivered.


My Fairphone was ordered on Feb. 18th and got here (Brussels, Belgium) today!


Mine (ordered on February 6th) came on Monday.


I’ve got it yesterday: it was ordered on February 20th, has been delivered on April 20, and arrived the day after. At last - it looks worthwhile!


Ordered on feb 25th, got a text from DHL today. Tracking number says it’s in Netherlands right now, on its way.


Ordered on 26 February and received my fairphone this morning!
Perfect start of the weekend :wink:


The outlook now is that we will have – for the first time in Fairphone 2
history – stock around the end of May. This means real-time shipping:
you will be able to purchase a phone and have it as fast as the carrier
can get it to your doorstep!

Wow, considering what has went wrong in the last months with predictions and deadlines, it’s quite brave that they are forecasting one month and do make such an announcement. I hope they can honour this pledge. :wink:



Sorry for the inconvenience. Please reply to the email you received about the voucher code and the support team will get back to you with a solution.