Fairphone 2. Possible screen problem. Two batteries. New top module

I am selling my three year old phone. It works well, but the screen has a malfunction. There is about 1 cm that is an issue. The screen looks nice and you will not norice it until you write the lettes “z”, “d” or “e”. If you turn the screen horizontal you can write like normal.

Any way, it might be better to get a new screen. The phone itself works fine.

I bought the new top module and a new battery in october 2018 for a total of 60 euroes.

I have not used the fairphone for the last six months.

I am willing to listen to any offers over 80 euros.


does it have the new rear camera module? And is there a slim cover included?

I bought the top module in october. Not sure if there is a new one after that. I know the pixles for the selfie camera was updated.
It is just called Fairphone 2 Top Module+ Selfie Camera.

The Slim case included is dark blue.

Hi, I’d be very interested in the phone :slight_smile:

Just to make sure, that the display is the issue: could you run this test with the drawing on the screen? Described here:

To use the tool, named Checkup, Hardware Diagnostics, go to Settings → Maintenance .
If you do not see this tool, update your Fairphone 2 to the [latest OS version]


Use this test to recognize issues with the touchscreen. Draw random lines all over the screen. If you cannot draw anything in a certain area, your display is faulty.

Could you upload a screenshot of the drawing?

My core module seems broken and I’d need a new one, so 80 € would be perfect for me.

Looking forward to your answer!


Here is a picture of the screen.

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Hi TheMjelde,
Could you please tell :

  • the IMEI 1 et IMEI 2 numbers
  • where will you ship from your fairphone
  • does your offer include postage fee (i am in France)
    I am interested in your phone for 100 € if it still available.

Hello. I can provider that information. I am Just wondering if I should write it to you private?

I live in Norway and shipping seems to be 15 Euros. So lets say 110 Euros including shipping?

Hi, I don’t think there is any security issue about giving IMEI publicly. I’am ok for PM.
I would be ok for 110 € including shipping, would you accept Paypal ? Or what payment method ?

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