Fairphone 2 + parts

I’m selling my Fairphone 2, since I have bought a Fairphone 3.

Condition: The phone itself is in a used condition that you would expect after a few years of operation, but has no actual damage. It may have trouble staying connected to wi-fi, which is a not uncommon issue in FP2s apparently, but I can’t say for sure, since the wi-fi in my very old building also causes disconnects.

Battery: It comes with a battery that works and the original battery, which when I last used the FP2 was only usable as a short-time backup.

Modules: If you want, I can send the additional original top module and original camera module you see in the pictures. The modules currently in the phone are also original quality (the upgraded ones are in another FP2 my family uses).

Covers: I can also send the two original clear covers, but as you can see they have the warp issue all of the original covers have. The phone itself comes with the new-style cover in blue.

OS: At the moment the phone has LineageOS 16 installed, which I can gladly update to 17.1. If there are only buyers who want a stock Android or /e/, I may try to install these.

Shipping: The phone will be shipped from Berlin, but you can also collect it yourself here.

Price: Since the scope of the package and destination (shipping costs) are not clear, the price is negotiable at this point. I’d like to get roughly what others get for their phones on this forum (fair’s fair :slight_smile: ). I’d ask to pay via bank transfer, since I disapprove of PayPal.

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Hi! I am interested! I am quite close to you by the way, I am in sachsen anhalt region. What is your starting price?

Hi seze, nice that you live so close. Starting price maybe 140 EUR excl. the additional modules and excl. shipping if I don’t have to change the OS?

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