Fairphone 2 on offer - hardly used, still 1,5 year warranty

Fairphone 2 with 2 functioning bottom modules for sale! Bought it in January, haven’t even taken off the screen protector. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the contact of the microphone (it only works when you squeeze the phone tightly) and with that of the camera (functions when it likes to…) and since I don’t know how to repair this, I’d like to sell my phone to someone with much more technical knowledge than me ; ) I think it should really not be that difficult to repair, but phone stores are not familiar with the fairphone and haven’t been able/willing to help.
So if you’re the technological wonder for whom this is a piece of cake, it’s all yours for 400 euros.
I live in Amsterdam.

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Well, if you did not buy it second hand, there’s that “thing” called warranty.
You don’t have to be a technical geek.
Just #contactsupport.

Is there some other reason behind this offer? Why do you already have two working bottom modules since january?

@all interested in this offer.
If it’s leggit with proof of purchase (make sure to get it!), you can claim warranty as well.


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