Fairphone 2 Not working

My Fair-phone collapsed after a 15 minute Whats-app 'phone call and still hasn’t re-booted after 24 hours. Given that we are currently experiencing both red and amber weather alerts this is not a good time to be without a working ‘phone. I’ve removed and replaced the battery so many times that the rubber seal is coming away, but it won’ get past the opening page. Although it did try & almost managed a couple of times - plus it kept giving me an ‘Updating Apps’ message. Now though - it’s just stuck on the opening page, won’t shut down without taking out the battery. I have even swapped the battery for my wife’s Fair-phone but no difference.

Did you already check this short list of possible solutions?

I hope you can fix it!


Hi - 'Phone opened after a full charge but froze so I re-booted and it suddenly worked. Downloaded all the messages I hadn’t been getting and I managed to send a couple of WhatsApps & 2 'phone calls. then I noticed that the battery (which is out my wife’s F2) was almost empty after being at 100% 15 mins before. Put it on charge & still freezing - needs to go back!

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