FairPhone 2 - Next New Camera? (Discussion about curiosity and desire)

Nothing suggests that there will be yet another new camera module. Fairphone offered a camera upgrade once (see Stefan’s reply), and I do not think that they will offer a second upgrade for the Fairphone 2 camera module.


Thanks :slight_smile: I was thinking of the next one, but understand if they will not make another new one.

Do you already have the second model of the module and are you not happy with it?

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I have the second model; and am very happy with it. At the same time, I am always curious what’s next.

Quite understandable.
I am curious as well; yet, Fairphone of course is about keeping things that work instead of striving for the latest hardware. :wink:


Sorry mate, not this time. Quite not understandable for me.
This is a FP product, not any product of the line from Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Huawei…
The model and idea of it is longevity not flooding the market with minimally advanced successors to gain a bigger market share and making superior win.
Sorry to say, but I think this is a totally wrong expectation imho.


I agree, I think they rather put more focus on other modules but maybe FP3 is not far away. It would be good to know, but I leave it up to FP how they keep it with revealing information on their plans. No need to push them. The new camera module was a new move in this business possible due to the unique modular design. I have never heard of another manufacturer having done something equal. Guess why… :wink:


I believe the next one if it turns true may be implemented in the next FPx. If it will ever be launched. Until then we have our FP2 with an as I think decent cam mod.
You may like to read my recent post on expectations on new FP products.

This FP idea is also a lesson for me to be satisfied with what I have and take opportunities as they become available, not pushing in any way and eventually complaint while peeking at “others” who move on with faster pace.
I think for some individuals this is the hardest. But still I think no one has bought any FP version unintentionally, let alone for the higher prize.


Well, to me curiosity is understandable almost every time. Just because curiosity is what’s driving innovations.
And being curious does not equal the desire to have; as it does not equal the intention to push FP in any direction.
As I just posted in another thread, I guess that curiosity like this is good for marketing as well.


This is getting phisophical, but I get what you are saying. I’m curious about a FP3, but I don’t have the desire to buy it right away.


I waited eagerly and curiously for seven years for Apple to finally release an iPhone that would fit my needs (read: that would hold my complete music collection) until the Fairphone 1 just did it (simply by including a MicroSD slot)! :smiley:


Yes, this puts your point a bit clearer to me.
I am also open to innovations and new developments, hence to this my first ever smartphone was no conventional but a FP2. Afterwards I still can truely state having taken the right decision and invested my money well.
But as I often understand/abstract statements like e.g. “FairPhone 2 - Next New Camera” or long time no news on FP3 it rather sounds like people do wait for something new and may skip FP2 as @fp1_wo_sw_updates wrote.

I believe innovation is a key which could give FP a boost. Its modular design is good already and the revised cam mod was one new step on this unique basis.

If there would be a new innovation for another impact this would help.
Not just step behind what other manufactureres has already done some time ago like multicam (Huawei P20 3xcam) and dual flash with higher resolution but an innovation.
Maybe a different power source (of course with much longer runtime), special display (not simply 4k or 3d, a new user experience related to input and control, something fresh.
Some models of mainstream manufacturers just sell well having only one interesting key feature. But may be dropped if this key feature becomes more general :neutral_face: HTC U11 (edge sense feature).

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First of all, thank you for all the input (especially the philosophical stuff) :grinning:

  1. I bought the PF2 (newest model), instead of the iPhone X, because the ethical part is more important than the newest technology.

  2. I feel that I can still be curious about the next new camera. By saying next, I implied that I already had the newest camera for the PF2.

  3. The only reason why I am not still using my iPhone 3Gs, is only because I wanted a better
    camera, since I only take pictures with my phone. (3Gs, 4s, 6 Plus)

  4. I feel that my question was interpreted as: “The iPhone X has way better technology than the PF2.” I did not write that and do not understand if someone got that out of my question.

  5. And lastly, I was looking forward, like a kid on Christmas Eve, to telling a former colleague, who is totally hooked on the iPhone, that I just upgraded the camera on my phone. (But I guess I do not need to look forward to this. :slight_smile: )

Still, thank you guys for all the input. I am looking forward to getting to know my PF2 - especially with regards to security and privacy.


PIRAFONE WHOOP WHOOP :raised_hands: :wink:


I haven’t seen any rumours about cameras, so I’m still wondering how you came to ask this question apart from the showing off an upgrade to colleagues part. We only know that 2018 will bring some surprises, and the context of that was back covers, not cameras.

I’ll have to note here that my employer at the time quite liked the idea of the Android 6 launch breakfast when that upgrade was introduced, the upgrade you’re going to show to your colleagues can also be a software launch done well!


@Stefan I can’t imagine that the Pirafone is still a thing! :blush: proud

Be assured FP will go on offering security updates on a regular basis up to the most recent “possible” considering being depending on Google and security patched/updates of the SoC manufacturer.
That will be an experience you may not know too well from many other manufacturers.

Privacy, well still it is Google driven with the stock OS, but the manufacturer allows you to install a different OS “without” loosing warranty, maybe this is new to you as well and great. :+1:

  1. This intention is very much appreciated, so you are not blindly “driven” by any hype. You are quite right at a place like this. Welcome to our community.

Thank you :slight_smile:

With regards to “security and privacy”, I am mainly thinking about learning about the Android OS (after Palm OS / Handspring / Nokia and iOS (for the last 9 years) :slight_smile: And learning how to tighten everything as much as possible :slight_smile: (Using ProtonMail/ProtonVPN/Signal/1Password and so on.)

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Maybe #efct18 is the right place for you! :wink: That’s where the concentrated knowledge of the Fairphoners of all around Europe gets together! :muscle:

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Thanks for the tip :grinning:
Unfortunately I struggle with chronic fatigue, so travelling is out of the question.
But I will read the information I can find on the Forum.


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