Fairphone 2 new spare parts and accessories

Shipment is always included in the price!

Display Module €80
Battery €20
Slim Case - Transparent €30
Slim Case - Indigo (Second hand) €20
Bottom Module €20
Camera Module €30
Top Module + Selfie camera €25

Hello Gabriele,

Has the battery been used before? Does it still preserve battery life well? Also, are you able to ship anywhere in the EU?


Also, would you be able to post a picture of the battery?

The battery is NEW. Never used. It is ok to ship it in the EU. But you need to buy other stuff as well because I give you free shipping.

You can see the list of available spare parts and accessories on the site.

Meanwhile can you give me City and Country where to ship?

Hey Gabriele,

Are your slim cases, battery and bottom module still available? Where do you ship from?


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Hi Morgane,

yes sure they are available.

I ship from Italy. Tell me where to send them. Country and City. Shipment is included! No charges!

Let me know.


Hi Gabriele,
do you still have the display unit?
Is it a new spare part?

Yes, I still have it. Sure it is!



OK…then we are in for 80€ including shipment. How do we proceed?

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