Fairphone 2 New Life Edition [SOLD]

Fairphone 2 New Life Edition (Red) - 05/2017
New Bottom Module - 04/2018
New Battery - 06/2018

Few scratches on the screen
Multiple scratches on the frame

Price: 250€

Shipped from Germany to EU.

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I´m interested in buying your phone. It´s not way too slow I hope…?My FP1 just crashed after being super slow for the last months…

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
All best,

It’s not crazy fast, but still functions pretty well. It has some issues regarding battery life and chip temperature, but those should be possible to fix. Touchscreen works fine.


Would you be able to post pictures of the phone? In addition, could you estimate how long on average does the battery life last on a full charge?

Thank you,

I can only upload one pic per post, better send me a pn so I can spam them to you. :smiley:

Battery only lasts half a day. But I never really attempted to fix that, there are many helpful tips in the forum.

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