Fairphone 2 new front camera: cloudy photos

I bought a new main and font camura module recently. The main one is fine, but on the front one the quality of the pictures is really bad, they all look cloudy, or grainy, kinda blurry. I have the resolution set to the highest setting. Is there anything else I could do?


You could post an example :wink: .

heres an example of when we tried to take a photo on holidays with friends

You have taken off the protective foil?
You would not be the first one to forget it.
But I guess you did, as the pictures most likely would be kind of blue.

Yey I definitely did that. The quality is pretty bad no? I feel like at the beginning it wasnt like this, but I might remember that wrong. I use Open Camera by the way.

Yeah i have defenitely taken that off… I also feel like they were not that clody at the beginning, but maybe im remember that wrongly. The quality is pretty bad no? I use Open Camera by the way

Which resolution did you set?
The new selfie camera does 5 Mpixels natively, amounting to 2592 x 1944 pixels.
Anything else could result in software scaling doing a visible disservice.

Thst is exactly the resolution it is set to. 2592 x 1945

I’ve been experiencing the same issue since a coupe of months, but with my main camera. On the upper left corner the pictures are blurred a bit. I tried it with Open Camera and the Google Camera, so I think must be the camera itself.

Did you find any solution or get any feedback from fairphone?

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