Fairphone 2 latest update, bad GSM signal


Since latest Fairphone 2 upgrade 2 weeks ago (OS 22.12.0-rel.0) GSM signal is not stable and its quite difficult to get signal, most of the time shows not signal.

I use to have signal everywhere, but now I can only use the phone with WIFI.
I’ve exchanged my SIM with another phone and signal is OK with the other phone.

Had anyone experienced similar issue?
Is there anyway to downgrade the Fairphone version?

Thank you,

When a SIM is older, you could have problems with the SIM.
Could you try to put another SIM (which is preferably not older than 1 year) in your Fairphone and see if you have the same problem?
Do you have the same problem when you put the SIM in the other SIM slot?

Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes I did check with another SIM (which is working fine in a different phone) and I get the same result (no signal).
I also checked both SIM slots with the same result.
I also checked my SIM in another phone and it is working fine.

Note that I started to experiment this issue since latest update of the OS, before it was working fine. Not sure if coincidence or not. But that’s why I would like to try with previous OS version, but not sure if possible to downgrade to test.

Any other idea?

Perhaps there is a Fairphone Angel in your neighbourhood who has a Fairphone 2. Then it would be possible to test your Fairphone 2.

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