Fairphone 2 just red status light

My Fairphone 2 just has a RED status light.
Removed and installed all internal parts.
Removed SIM, Battery and SD card - attached power.
Tried multipule cables and chargers.
Left battery out the phone for >30 mins
Checked USB port for fluff and pocket debris

I’m just getting a red status light as soon as power is applied, not responing to buttons.

Any ideas?

Stable red light or blinking?

The latter would suggest an all dried out battery (0% – bad for the battery health). In that case, the usual procedure would be to just let it charge until the LED eventually turns greed (and not switch the device on before).


Stable red. I did catch the posts about flickering or blinking, but this is on steady

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Did you try removing the battery and plugging the phone? This should start a pattern vibation-logo-LED cycling. If not, you probably have a hardware problem, possibly with the core-module.


Sadly I did remove the battery and just apply power. Just getting a solid red

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Currently, the only similar case where I get this is a bricked FP2… Doesn’t mean it’s the same for you though, but if this pattern doesn’t show it does indicate some sort of hardware fault, if you’re lucky only with the USB-port (unfortunately, I think it’s rather rare) or if you’re unlucky, with the core-module, or a deep software/firmware problem.
The same happened to my FP2 two years ago, it just didn’t start, without the battery I’d get a solid red light switching off after a dozen seconds, due to a factory defect of the motherboard I had just started noticing.

A little hope perhaps, what is the output of the command lsusb when plugging the phone to a computer with the battery (on linux, similar on windows would be connected devices)? And the same when you unplug the phone (to see a difference)?


I am thinking the same… Need to find the flash instructions for Linux. It has been flashed to /e/

Just seen the flashing instructions. Not looking good, does anyone know where I can get a replacement system PCB only?

On the forum marketplace perhaps… #market:search You could ask for a second-hand FP2, some go for less than 40€. You won’t find any elsewhere AFAIK…

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