Fairphone 2 Issues

Hello Fairphoners

I own an Fairphone since more than a year, and since I have it, I noticed several issues that needs to be solved…

Issue 1 : The phone gets hot when just using social medias (the screen stays cool but the back gets really hot)…
Issue 2 : One of the 2 mics doesn’t work. When someone calls me, I have to turn on Speaker Mode if I want the caller to hear me.
Issue 3 : It’s probably the same issue as issue 2, but when I’m recording a vocal to send in DM or just to record, the recording or vocal is blank, no sounds, nothing … :worried:
Issue 4 : It lags, and sometimes it’s very embarrassing when I want to show something to my friends and it just takes and hour to show smthg because well… it lags.

I wonder if someone have the same problems

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Have you installed all the latest Fairphone OS updates? A few iterations of Android 7 didn’t have hardware video decoding enabled, causing it to run way warmer than it should have when playing video. The latest version (19.11.2) should have this working. Just launch the Fairphone updater and see what it says.

Could you try using the checkup tool in the settings->maintenance menu to verify whether the microphone(s) works at all? If not, you probably have faulty hardware (most likely the bottom module).
If your phone is within warranty, Fairphone should be able to send you a new module free of charge. If your warranty expired you should contact them anyway, because IMHO this is a common issue and a design fault for which you shouldn’t be at fault. But if you don’t want to go about the confrontation or otherwise don’t mind splurging out ~€30 on the spare part plus shipping you can order the Fairphone 2 bottom module here. Just make sure you don’t select the Fairphone 3 version!


I have the same issue with the mics, and turn on the speaker every time I call someone or receive a phone call. I THOUGHT it was fixed by a software update, but it turned out the mic-problem was still there.

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