FairPhone 2 isn't charging since it fell down

Hey everyone!

Maybe some of you can help me : my FP2 has fallen to the floor while
charging (it was totally uncharged) and since now he doesn’t work
anymore - doesn’t charge, doesn’t light on…)
The cable is intact - works on another phone - and the battery seems to be intact too - doesn’t flow, isn’t cambered … Do one of you know what I can do ?

Thanks a lot

If charging worked fine before it fell down, it is possible that the USB connector got damaged when it fell.
Did the phone itself still work after the fall?

Maybe you could try to disassemble and reassemble the bottom module; with some luck only the module jumped out of place and the connection is loose.
Do you know someone else with a FP2? In case you do, you could also try the other person’s bottom module and see if it charges again.

In case the USB connector broke, you may need to replace the bottom module.

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