Fairphone 2 is not working anymore

My fairphone went off just while charging. The red light is on while charging but i cant switch it on again. Monitor is black and the phone isnt doing anything.
I changed the charger, i removed all the parts and I really dont know whats broken.
Does anybody has an idea??

Thanks for the help!

I’m guessing you tried waiting for the red LED to turn yellow/green before trying to turn on the phone?
Have you seen the #batteryguide and #blackscreenguide yet? Maybe there is something there that helps and if it doesn’t then at least it would be helpful to know which tips from there you already tried.

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Yes, i waited for a long time and its still red. I can also remove the battery and its still a red light.
Thanks for answering so fast. I will try the blackscreenguide. If it will not work, i will answer you again.

If the screen stays black and there is no vibration when the phone is plugged in while the battery is removed that indicates it’s not the batteries fault, but e.g. a broken bottom module or (hopefully not) core module.

so if its a broken bottom module i have to send it to fairphone or is it better to go to a local repair store?

Well if it’s a warranty case (<2 years old, no brute force) then you’ll get a replacement for free.

older than 2 years :frowning:

Core Module broken means a need to buy a complete new phone??

Not necessarily. You can actually buy a core module from a reseller, but it’s still expensive.

And here is Fairphone’s repair price list and FAQ, not any cheaper, sadly.

So try the bottom module first. If there are #community:angels in your vicinity, they could help you out with testing.

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Thank you so much! I hope the very best…

Hi @Ma_Re! Did you solve this issue?

I have got the same problem: red LED since yesterday but the phone isn’t doing anything.

I’ve tried different chargers, cleaned the different parts and take out the battery during more than a half an hour and nothing…

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