Fairphone 2 is getting my microphones confused

I’m experiencing some peculiar behaviour on my Fairphone 2.

During phone calls, my microphone is not picking up my audio - I can hear perfectly fine, but nobody else can hear me. This is the same when using the voice recorder app.

When recording videos, there is audio but it is very quiet.

I did a test when recording a video to establish where the audio is coming from:

  • I blew into the bottom of the phone, and it wasn’t picked up.
  • I blew into the back of the phone (rear speaker) and nothing was picked up.
  • I blew into the top of the phone (ear speaker) and it was picked up

I’ve run the diagnostic tool and had the following results:

  • Ear speaker test plays audio through the rear speaker
  • Rear speaker test is successful
  • Primary microphone test produces no results, except a quiet buzzing noise
  • Secondary microphone test is successful

Steps I’ve taken:

  • Factory reset
  • Disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling modules, updating OS several times

Has anybody experienced similar problems?


Well, you clearly did everything you can to rectify the issue yourself, why don’t you just contact Fairphone Support? I see no reason why you should not qualify for a warranty replacement of the bottom module.

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I will definitely reach out to them. I was keen to not put them under more pressure (and cost) if there was a DIY solution available.

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By the way, the exact locations of the two microphones are two tiny holes at the opposite ends of the case. There is no microphone in the speakers (just wondering why you tested blowing into the rear speaker :angel: ).

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Haha - pure desperation I think :dizzy_face:

One more suggestion: You should go through the Troubleshooting-Tool just before contacting Fairphone Support. As I said, you already did everything you could, but the point is that at the very end of the Troubleshooting Tool, it will provide an exact wording you can use for your Support request – maybe using that will make it easier to get it dealt with at the most ease.


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