Fairphone 2: i can't find the power on/off schedule.. anyone know where thats?

Fairphone 2: i can’t find the power on/off schedule… anyone know where that 's at?


there is none. FP1 had that (I think, from reading the forum), but FP2 can’t be started by an app.

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thanks! duidelijk! I’ll have an alarmclock rentree the bedroom.

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Anyone able to explain why this is please? I can imagine there’s a hardware reason, but with the scheduled power on/off being my favourite feature of the FP1, I’m sorry to see it wasn’t maintained in FP2, and would be interested to hear why it was deemed unnecessary.

  1. Automatic boot won’t work with encrypted user partitions, so these users can’t make use of it.
  2. Powering down and Booting take allegedly more energy than a night in flight-mode, so you might be better off by turning on flight-mode in the evening and leaving it on.
  3. There are apps that can toggle flight-mode based on time, location, and whatnot.

P.S. I hope this does not get across as impolite, I just want to highlight how your problem might be solved.


Thanks @spaetz. Definitely doesn’t come across as impolite: appreciate the explanation albeit surprised by (2). I’ve been using Tasker for a bunch of automation tasks on my phone, so I can set that up pretty easily. Whilst I’m still using my FP1 (and looking forward to the 4.4 release), I might do some experimentation to track power usage over a couple days via both scheduled on/off & automated flight mode. I’m always inclined to keep a phone until the bitter end, so it was mostly curiosity that made me ask!

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mine too it is so sad they took this cool feature, I don’t want my cell on during night an the app I tried didn’t switch it on eather… I thinking off even sellig it, because of this and the annoying vibra all the time … :frowning:

Automatic startup won’t work as the hardware clock of the FP2 apparently cannot be set from the OS, this is why the time is always off when booting up in flightmode.
Actually, I find the FP is using little power during the night in flight mode, so that does not bother me.
As for vibrations, you can completrly turn these off ( at least I could with xposed heing installed). Well it does vibrate during bootup but while in operation.

Why don’t you want your cell phone on all night long? Energy saving? vibration? other?
If you don’t want any noise/vibration, try flight mode or priority mode:

About energy saving, I have also read many times on this forum that flight mode saves more than switching the phone off and on.

@Toets: if you want to use a schedule with flight mode, you can try apps like Silent Night (on F-droid and Play store). There are many on the Play store.

I just use flight mode without any schedule, only one button to push, it’s quite easy!

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