Fairphone 2 Head module (2MP) - Strong heat after replacement

On 5 July last I bought the head module at the official online shop.
The video smartphone confirmed that the replacement was successful.
After replacement the area of the module head began to have a strong heat that is not finished except off the smartphone.
I tried turning on my smartphone again but the problem remains.
I ask help to the forum mainly if others have had same problem and then how they solved.
Thanks in advance. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Perhaps try opening the phone, taking the module away, cleaning the contacts then putting it back.
Otherwise, perhaps you could contact a #fairphoneangel to see if the issue comes from the spare part.

Last but not least, #contactsupport. If the spare part has a problem, you should get it replaced under warranty.


If Alex’s suggestion doesn’t help, I’d reconsider if it’s really the top module that is heating up – or actually the FP2’s Snapdragon chip that is right below it. See Step 13 here (chip squared in red in the photo):


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