Fairphone 2 hardware extensions

I would also like a keyboard, although I have not really an idea how it could look like on a FP. The TOH keyboard looks cool, but I don’t see a way to combine it with the FP original case, which I really like. Also, in a youtube video it doesn’t seem like it is possible to write on it really fast. The best keyboard concept I saw so far was the QWERTY keyboard on the Sony Ericsoson P1I which allows you to write really quick, but then again I would have no idea how to get something like that on a FP2.

@dvl: I like your attitude: “If I like it, I try it, and then lets see …” Coming from an environment in which there is almost every time a lot of discussion first, and action later (if ever), I am reallly happy about this thread and you (independent of my personal wishes) :smiley:


I don’t know if that might work for you, but I’ve bought this keyboard (I found it for 8€ at the time) recently. When I don’t need to enter a lot of stuff on my phone/tablet I just use the software keyboard, and for longer texts I use it (it’s not really small but can fit in a small backpack easily).

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Thanks for the tip, but i really really hate typing on a touchscreen (I’m not able to type blind) so for me it would to have be an always-be-able-to-use it thing.
For longer text I use my computer anyway

I would wish for a back cover with integrated e-ink touch screen for reading with less power usage.
main problem probably is finding high resolution parts that are affordable still.
hope to see your projects soon


Really cool stuff, @dvl. Will you share the 3D printable case somewhere?

I’m also interested in doing some hardware with the FP2, but don’t know what I’ll tackle yet :slight_smile: Maybe we (you?) should collect all hardware ideas in a single list somewhere.

Edit: Are there any docs about the expansion port, and how to use it from Android?

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The list is here

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Maybe in this topic: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fairphone2-3d-printed-casings-available-beta/11614

Paul beat me to it.

First post (scroll to top of page) I say: “I will be logging some stuff here and here”
One ‘here’ refers to this page, the other is a link to what you are looking for.

Maybe a good idea for you to read the rest of that post (and rest of topic) too :wink:

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Of course I read your post, I already follow your repo on Github. To reword my question: Are there any official docs about the expansion port? :wink:

I am looking for the pinout of the expansion port on the backside to develop additional hardware. where could it be found?

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Look at @dvl’s GitHub page: GitHub - dirkvl/FairPhone

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Fun and sad to see at the same time. So is it simliar to a I2C with a wakeup?

In the official specification, this is described as an USB port with power input.

@dvl says that it’s a “different story altogether”.

Please note the “(2) no idea” is the power input. @dvl said he would modify it when I told him (he was already aware of it but wanted to keep it for himself) but did not.

It’s quite different as dvl said, However it’s probably good news because you theoretically could remove the usb male plug from your usb keyboard, separate the cables inside the usb cable and stick them to FP2’s connector (putting the right cable on the right connector pin) and it should work out of the box.


I am interested in building a module that will plug into a Fairphone 2. I have a few questions: Are the specs open? Where can one get the specifications?



@YileKu I moved your post here too as all we know so far is gathered here.

Wow. This is the most friendly and positive comment on my work I have ever got. It is much inspirational and motivating.

If you REALLY want to help you can always get a github account, suggest an edit to the page and be an official contributor to this community-dev-package in-the-making. But please don’t sweat it.

I don’t have all the specs (and not keeping anything to myself…), but if you have any questions feel free to fire, would love to see another hardware developer here. Can you do 3D design and PCB layouts?

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Useful as well. I wonder if someone will build an easy charging/talking to the device cradle in the near future. One flat thing for the back of the phone and a cradle to place on your desk. It should slip in easily, so on does not have to worry about connectors/cables/charging that much.

It would also be nice to sell one that provides a 2nd phone usb port to the outside for easier testing of new stuff.

For that you can use the USB connector at the bottom of the FP2. But I don’t know if it’s possible to charge the FP2 and connect an external device at the same time.

This is also possible with the USB connector at the bottom of the FP2. Just go and buy an USB OTG cable.

That cable is actually from Amazon. I have tried it with a mouse which worked with the FP2.

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That would make for a funny picture. I’d appreciate to see this! :woot: