Fairphone 2 goes super hot and is very unstable

I have the newest update on Fairphone, all the apps are updated, but yesterday it started going really hot on the top, around the top. Certain apps won’t start (for example Messenger), some apps crash and won’t work at all. The phone is slow and lagging and hot even when I don’t use it, even worse when it’s charging, and the battery runs out extremely fast. I don’t know why this is happening, I did not damage my phone, and I hope this problem can be fixed somehow? Did anyone else experience this?

I miss your remark: “I rebooted the phone” …

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i have the same probblems when i see HD on youtube etc. its the strong cpu usage = heat and no cooling device like in a PC

Well I can promise you, FP2 is absolutely capable of streaming HD videos without melting to junk, that is what I can report by what I have experienced by now.
But it also can depend on the (additional) software running (in the background). Streaming on my phone does not heat it up considerable (using 2,4GHz). Look into your settings->battery-> if there are apps listed using a noticeable amount of battery power, maybe 10% or so. Most often there are apps installed who prevent the cpu from sleeping / going into power save mode.
They may be out of your list of apps but still active in the background.

@ Tenne

Most cpus out in the marked actually own a dynamic power management. Different as old cpus with a fixed clock speed and always all internal processors active, whether computing or in idle.
These days there is no need for a fan in handsets, but anyway a heat sink.

Since a while such troubles are mostly not OS related, but rather app related. Sometimes issues are triggered after a OS update but can be tracked down to a (misbehaving) app.

Of course I rebooted the phone. Also, now, the battery is flat after 3 hours, even without use. What has happened here?

It says that the “screen” has used 12%.

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I have exactly the same problem! Battery is going down in a hell of a speed and the battery statistic does not say why. I had to reboot it yesterday around 5 times and an additional couple of times take out the battery because I wasnt able to do anything anymore. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and sometimes Whatsapp are not working. Did you find a solution?

And did you tap on “Settings/Storage/Cache” to clear the Cache?

This morning I took the battery physically out of the phone. I had already rebooted it several times. I also uninstalled the Messenger App, and things seem to be working the way they should now. I have not re-installed the Messenger App however.
Did your phone also get super hot on the top of the back, like not where the battery is but around the area where it says “One of the first 15K”?

And unfortunately I don’t know what it means to clear the Cache. What does it delete if I do that, exactly?

Cache is trash! Simply do it …

Am having the same issue, apps not working, phone freezes and poor battery life over the last few days.
Unfortunately clearing the cache didn’t help, anything else I can try change!? :slight_smile:

I would change the phone by warranty …

Yeah, I’m thinking that - although it’s unfortunate timing as I am travelling in Asia, so not sure how easy it will be for me to arrange anything under warrenty (I previously had the screen replaced under warrenty as well)

Once I can make sure I have everything backed up I’m going to try a factory reset and see if that helps - if not I’ll look into warrenty, and probably get a new phone here (which isn’t ideal since I got the fairphone partially to reduce waste!)

I see, difficult at this time. Try: disassemble and reassamble the phone completely. Make sure, that every connector-pin works.

This is the same issue for me. I am staying in Peru until January and
therefore cannot be able to change it. I also got a Fairphone to reduce
waste, so I am slightly disappointed about this.

According to the following thread it might help to (re-)install the full version of the 1.8.1 update, e.g. using the Updater app’s advanced mode:

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Yes, my phone was super hot on the upper back. Uninstalling the Messenger App helped as well, thanks! I reinstalled it some time later and it didn’t occurr again.

Have you checked the SIM card? When the sim card is too old, has been damaged or is not cut correctly, it can cause the processor to become hot and the battery to run out quick. Most often when apps are not running correctly, it is the sim card causing this.
Good luck finding out if this is the culprit!

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