Fairphone 2 Front camera dark & upside down after Android 9 update

Front-Camera dark and upside down after update to Android 9

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I guess you are talking about the official Android 9 update 21.03.0-rel2 of the FP2? Are you using FPOS or FPOOS?
In which App do you encounter the problem?

Hallo, yes Android 9 update 21.03.0-rel2. The problem encounters in the standard-foto-App Version 2.0.002 (front camera dark and upside down, back camera ok) I´m sorry, I don´t even know what FPOS or FPOOS means.

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The issue is known and being worked on.

Short term workaround: install another camera app (e.g. Open Camera).

Long term solution: if everything goes according to plan, we might have a fix by the next maintenance release.

FPOS: Fairphone OS (regular operating system with google apps and services)
FPOOS: Fairphone Open OS (same operating system but without google)

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I can confirm it now, just tested it with my FP2 which got the update yesterday, when I came home.


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