Fairphone 2 frequent app crashes

Hi there,

I’ve had my Fairphone 2 for about 2 months and it seems to have the following problems:

  • notifications that apps stopped working, occurring with all sorts of apps: messages, photos, chrome, messenger, google play (even when I’m not using that one), …

  • screen freezing while I’m using an app, after which the phone automatically reboots. Again this happens with all sorts of different apps. It also happened once at night when the phone was inactive, since I had to enter my pin code in the morning.

  • sometimes the screen turns black and I have to remove the battery before I can restart the phone.

The first 2 problems occur several times a day. I already bought a new simcard, so that cannot be the issue.

I already looked at the random reboots topic, but the issue seems a little bit different. Should I just contact support and ask for a new phone?


Try to reset the cache of these apps in Settings -> Apps.

It’s always running in the background. How else would it be able to constantly spy on you?

Check out the #rebootsguide.

Check out the #blackscreenguide.

PS: Oh and try #dic:safemode to see if all these issues are caused by 3rd party apps. If so try to identify and replace/reinstall the culprit. If it’s not caused by a 3rd party app than reinstalling the OS and/or performing a #dic:hardreset could help (but make a #dic:backup first).


Ok, thank you! I will try your tips. I already read through most of the discussions you mention though, hope I find something that helps!

Just started the phone in safe mode and tapped the Chrome app to start it, and it rebooted :frowning:

@strikeTheViol thanks for sharing this topic. It’s exactly the same situation I experience since I bought the FP2 (23 October 2017).

I have also been having the exact same problem with my Fairphone 2. I have tried a different SIM and opening in safe mode. I have contacted support and am awaiting a reply.

I’ve got the same issue. @Sarahwoodhall please let us know if you receve any replay. Thank you

I contacted support yesterday evening and got a reply today that they will replace my phone.

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