Fairphone 2 for sale, under warranty!

Selling my reliable and good condition Fairphone 2, comes with 2 covers (indigo and light blue).
and no electronic issues. UK- based but can be sent europe-wide.
No scratches on screen. Under warranty until June 2020.
£150.00+ postage


Can you place a photo on the forum when you display is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?


Hi, I live in the UK and would be interested in possibly buying your phone - but could you put some photos up (with the date on the screen) so I can see the condition for myself so I know what I’d be getting please? Thank you very much.

did you sell you phone?
I’m interested. I would need actual and detailed pictures and a proof of purchase, please.
What are shipping costs to DE?
Thank you and best regards.

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May I ask why you didn’t post a photo as I asked in my post of 26th Febr.?
Are you aware that by not posting any photo you give the impression that your offer is scam?


This has to be underscored.
As it happened before, even in this forum (even though the original poster seems to be a genuine FP2 owner, having posted here before about some troubles with the phone, that were resolved).
So every interested buyer should act as careful as @peace and @AlyseW

  • pictures
  • proof of purchase
  • IMEI

should be made available by the seller.

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