FairPhone 2 for sale. Perfect conditions, almost new. 400 euros

I sell my FairPhone 2, which has hardly been used. There was a small problem with the microphone which has eventually been solved, but in the meantime, I bought another phone while waiting for this one to be repaired, and it turned out to suit me much better. I have used the FairPhone only for about 3 months - it even still has the plastic cover protection over the screen. It comes with a purple case.
It now works perfectly well again, and it still has a warranty for the next 1,5 year - of course, you will get the original recipe with the phone.
I live in Amsterdam, but the phone can be shipped all over Europe.
Please contact me via a personal message if you’re interested. I also speak Dutch and French by the way.

I am interested in purchasing your FairPhone 2. Would you be willing to ship to the US? I am okay with not receiving warranty coverage here.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for your message. Yes, it should be no problem to ship to the US, that’s fine with me. I just need to figure out what’s the safest and least expensive way to get it to you - or perhaps you know that?

Please contact me on e.van.de.bovenkamp@hum.leidenuniv.nl, so that we can discuss what is the best way to make this work. Thank you!

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