Fairphone 2 for sale in Malaga, Spain

Fairphone 2 for sale, bought in February 2019. Blue cover (will need to be replaced, wrote my name on it). Works well. €200 (plus postal costs).

Hello, I’m interested! I’m in the UK.

Hi Laura, thanks for your message. I’m talking to someone on this forum who has shown an interest, will just wait to hear his reply. Will contact you and let you know, kind regards, Marina

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Hi Laura, are you still interested in my fairphone?

Hi Marina,

I am very interested in your fair phone. Do you still sell it? Thank you


I live in France, how much would it be for sending it there?

Hi Alice, Yes it is still for sale. Will need to check the price of sending …

kind regards,


Ok great! however I wondered if you might be willing to make a little offer for the whole thing, (the phone and the sending). I think that you prefer me to pay you before sending it…

Hi Alice, I think for about €45 it can be sent by messenger to your home address. Let’s say you pay €230 to have the phone at your house. The phone has no charging cables (it is sold without as you just use a mini USB) just so you know. And like I said in the description, I wrote my name on the back as is was my work phone, I will see if I can remove but I won’t be able to take it off completely. You can pay by PayPal if you like, if you agree with the above I will send you my account link.
Kind regards, Marina

Hi marina67. Is the phone still available? I live in Switzerland. If the price is 230 euros (postage included) I am very interested! Let’s my know;)

 Hi Marina,

I apologize for not having answered but I had a lot of stuff to do. I was looking for a place to take the phone when you send it. do you still sell your fairphone?
Thank you,


Hi Alice, yes I was waiting for your reply…

Ok I am so sorry Marina. Is it still available?

Yes it is, if you give me your email address & postal address I will send you my bank details,

Kind regards,


    Hi Marina,

Ok I will give you my email adress. I just wonder if you still have the paper of guaranty? and if so would you send it too?

Hello Marina,

I live in Mijas and I am interested in your phone. Is it still available?

Hi Ana, that would be great but at the moment I am talking to someone in France. Can I get back to you if we dont reach an agreement? Vivo cerca de Mijas Pueblo, y tu?


Ok. Let me know then.
Yo tambien, en La Alqueria.


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