Fairphone 2 for Sale from UK

Hi, I’m selling a Fairphone 2 with 30GB storage and 2GB RAM. I purchased it in January 2018, but did not start using it for several months.

In August 2019, I got a new battery (v2) since mine wasn’t holding charge for very long and also replaced the Bottom Module since my microphone wasn’t working for incoming our outgoing calls.

I have not used the phone since February 2020.

The case has two chips but these don’t appear to have impacted function; there is also a slight dent in the rim around the camera but this also doesn’t appear to have affected function. I have tried to attach pics but am only able to attach one - happy to send on other pics if you like.

I would like to get £85 but am open to sensible offers.

I will be shipping from Birmingham, UK.

I’m happy to answer any questions.


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