Fairphone 2 for 140€

Hi, I’m selling my Fairphone 2 with an extra battery. Works well and the screen hasn’t had any damage. Changed the microphone piece a couple years ago and the original case to the one seen in the photos. Could do with a camera piece upgrade as it has the original camera quality.

Only one of the SIM card slots works
SD card slot works perfectly
Case is slightly cracked on the right hand corner (as seen in photo)
I hold the battery with a piece of post-it so it doesn’t move around and turn off in case I drop the phone, etc

Selling for 140€ excluding shipping costs (usually around 10€ for Europe)

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Hello Sonia,
I’m interested, where are you sending the phone from?

Can you charge the phone and make a photo when the date is showing on the screeen?


Hi, I’m shipping it from Spain.

Yes, here it is:

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Perfect, I think with the last picture (thanks @Lidwien) I’m ready to buy it if it’s ok for you to send it to France?

Yes, of course, happy to send it to France. I’ve sent you a private message

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Hi. If it doesn’t work out with Maiwann, then I am interested in it as well.

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