Fairphone 2 fell in toilet - SAVED!

Just wanted to share what happened to us.

Wife gets home with FP2 in her back pocket and the inevitable happens… It falls into the toilet bowl charger first 3/4 submerged. She immediately pulls it out (2-3 seconds after) takes battery out and tries to dry it.

We immediately deconstruct all modules, dry them up as well as we can and roll them in toilet paper placing them in a tupperware full of rice.

We left it there for 36 hours.

This morning we reassemble it and thankfully it works perfectly!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Thanks for making such a durable phone Fairphone.

Some tips if this happens to you:

Don’t press any buttons, just immediately disassemble the battery.
Don’t plop it into rice without covering it in toilet paper or light fabric (rice may go into the ports and expand making it a mushy mess.
Disassemble it completely and pop each piece into rice.

Wait 36 hours and cross your fingers!!!


Well you were very lucky then. Rice is actually a really bad idea and toilet paper is not much better either. Both can dissolve and leave dirt in the phone that will permanently damage it.

Or for more tips check out the #waterwiki.

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