Fairphone 2 Dual SIM

I have two doubts if I use two SIM cards in my FP2:

  • Can I install a different OS for each one? E.g. FP2 OS and FP2 Open OS.
    -Can I transfer my data from one SIM card to another vía Wi-Fi?

Having two SIM cards doesn’t mean you’ll get two OSes. You will have one single OS. You’ll just have to choose through which card you send SMSes, make calls and use mobile data. Nothing else will be affected.


It seems, that dual boot on the FP2 is not possible. I am no techie, but you nicht want to take a look here

And here

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I have looked up if there was dual boot for android, but unfortunately only some old devices are sometimes supported, because some developer did the work for this specific device. And most of the time, they were a bit buggy workarounds.
So indeed, no dual boot for FP2. You’ll have only one OS at a time.


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