Fairphone 2 doesn't start


I’m having some troubles with my Fairphone 2 and I was hoping to find someone who can help me out! When I start up my phone the message ‘process system not responding’ appears. The phone often turns off for no apparent reason (the battery is still charged) and I can’t turn it on again without removing and putting back the battery first. After that it’ll stay on for another 5 minutes or something like that. When using the phone it seems to be rather slow. Sometimes the screen also blocks for sometimes even an hour, even when I take out the battery and put it back. Eventually it’ll shut itself off again. The phone really heats up quickly too.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Fairly common Android issue perhaps exacerbated by particular Google app recently installed. Do you have recent backup for your FP2 as may find that it is necessary to return device to factory settings to clear everything out?

Thank you! For now the problem was solved by taking the battery out for a longer time. In case problems occur again, I’ll try resetting.

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