Fairphone-2 does not regcognize log-in pattern

Upon turning on the phone it does not regcognize my log-in pattern.
The arrow back to the opening screen (with “slide to open” instruction) and the emergency call button does work however.
I have tried to take out the battery and restart, but no effect.
Any ideas?

Does your touchscreen work properly (if you are able to test it)?

Have tested the < (back) anf emergency button. They do work

The problem is: There are some reports that only parts of the touchscreen doesn’t work. So the part where Back and Emergency are placed would work, but there where the pattern is wouldn’t work.

Edit: It also could have to do with the ghost touching issue.

I have a similar problem and it seems to be a problem of the touch screen. The screen sometimes does accept the Login code but sometimes does not. As soon as I am logged in, the screen flickers, opens random apps without me touching the screen and I can’t properly open the upper navigation panel. I never dropped the phone on the floor and usually Keep it in my pockets. I finally cleaned the sceen with a glasses cloth, which seemed to help a bit. But I am still finding out whether this really helped to solve the problem.

The problem comes and goes with no system. changing the tuch & hold delay caused the problem to come again :frowning:
It Is getting more and more difficult to think that buying a Fairphone was a good idea!