Fairphone 2 do not reboot after a factory reset

Hello the community,

My actual main problems is that after a factory reset (from the Team Win recovery Project menu) my fairphone is not rebooting. More precisely, it is staying on the first Black screen Fairphone (powered by android).
I waited few hours, tried again a reboot but nothing change.

Now I can also explain the few first steps of this

=> First, I have trouble with my microphone from a few weeks with my Fairphone 2. Basically, it is not working in normal mode and working if I put the phone on speaker or if I use my headphones. But this is not always true because, for example, with the headphone it is not working when I am using Whatsapp, when I record video or when I try to record a voice message.
I already had the same troubles a few months ago, and after a few weeks, I started having trouble charging my phone. Then I decided to change the Bottom Module. It works for a few weeks (about 2 months) and now it started again. This is why I guess that it doesn’t come from my Bottom Module but then I have no idea where it can come from.

=> I called the support that asked me to do different steps and one of them was to install the latest update. But after the install, my Fairphone rebooted in TWRP (Team Win recovery Project).
As explain on this subject : Stuck in Team Win Recovery Project after Android update - I followed the instructions (Install” in TWRP’s main menu, then navigate to /cache by tapping “(Up A Level)” and “cache”, found fp_update_gms_whatever.zip, install it but I ended up again in TWRP.

=> Then I decided to do a factory reboot and from now I am stuck on this black screen (Fairphone, Powered by android).

And then… I don’t know what to do !

Do you have any idea ?

Thank you in advance,

Well, if you did a factory reset already, you might as well do a real re-install …


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