Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Increase the touch and hold delay:
  • Rule out screen & battery issues
  • Update your Operating System (You can manually update as described here even if your screen doesn’t permit you to update normally).
  • Try to find a pattern. When does this happen?
    • If it only happens during phone calls than it’s probably a proximity sensor issue. Go here for more info and workarounds.
    • If it happens while the phone is plugged in then it’s probably static caused by a bad/old/broken charging cable. You’ll need a good data-usb-cable. See this topic for more info.
    • If it happens in any other situation where the phone could be exposed to static - e.g. you are walking (your pant legs are rubbing on each other causing friction) while you use the phone - try to reduce the static/friction and see if it makes a difference.
    • If it happens while using (a) specific app(s) (maybe ones that are very cpu/power consuming) try to reinstall them or replace them with lightweight alternatives.

If none of this works contact support with the following information included in your request:

Subject: “Ghost touches”
Description: “My display suffers from unintentional touch inputs, or “ghost touches”. I confirm that my shipping address is correct.
Please see attached the sample video and advise how to proceed further.”
your order number
your phone’s IMEI
attach a video of your Fairphone 2 suffering from ghost touches

After writing the eMail to support - to speed things up - it is advised to call support with your ticket number at hand. Over the phone it’s much easier to clear things up than with a back and forth via eMail.

Original Post:

Mine is doing this as well, doesn’t seem to be all the time, still investigating. It’s at its worst when you hold your finger down and scroll through the menu, it seems to make it jump all over the place. As if another finger was touching somwhere else on the screen.


Oh no, ghost touches, like with FP1??? :wink: I hope not! :slight_smile: Could you do the touchscreen test and verify whether this is a hardware failure or just a miscalibration of the software?


I have seen the touchscreen issue only once, in a routeplanner app. never saw it again.
It’s not a ghost touch, because it only happens when the screen is touched (at least when I experienced the issue).[quote=“Jon1, post:6, topic:11491”]
It’s at its worst when you hold your finger down and scroll through the menu, it seems to make it jump all over the place.
[/quote]Which menu do you mean?

I was going to post back that after a reboot there hasn’t been any problems but it happened again this morning. When you scroll down it starts jumping around like crazy. I noticed as well while playing a game that it stops accepting touch inputs for a few seconds some times.

Also when it was doing this, while on the lock screen it was flickering and showing the home screen briefly (through the lock screen)

I’ll try the screen test posted above and raise a case with support.

I noticed it in a settings menu, but it’s anything you are scrolling down in.

Sorry I realise this has hijacked the original topic.

I love the phone though, I was worried that the case would feel like one of those cheap silicone cases you get but it feels great.


Hi @Jon1 and @jpderuiter,

If this problem persists, I would recommend you write our support team ASAP. The forum is not the best place to report these issues since so few people have a Fairphone 2 at the moment, and by reporting cases early and often to our support and software teams, we can improve the product even more.



Thanks Joe, I’ve raised a request to support and included a
link to the forum. It would seem there maybe some problem if three people have
experienced similar intermittent issues. Hopefully just software.

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Hi Jon,

I can’t reproduce the issue, whatever I try.
What actions do you do to reproduce this?


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Do you scroll to the left of the display or to the right?

The connector is on the right edge of the display so I wonder if reseating the display might help.

I cant replicate it either, it happens when it happens. I scroll on the right, I reseated the display earlier so I will see if that helps.

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This is the info from support:

Thanks a lot for your

What you describe are known issues in the software and all related to the same
problem. Sadly enough in the first update the software team could not yet have
resolved this. It is something that sometimes happens, but not always. This
makes it hard to find the cause.

It is expected that this will be resolved in an upcoming update. When this will
come exactly we don’t know yet.

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Can we mark this as a bug report?

I had it happen twice, both times my phone was plugged in. But I can’t provoke it atm.

Mine seems worse after a reboot or waking it from airoplane mode. Most of the time it’s ok. Will just have to wait for a software update.

Our team member @borjan in customer support is working with the software team on bug reports. He’ll be in touch if he needs some input.



Hi everyone,

Just got my FP2 as well, but the screen is glitching like hell. Same problem, when trying to scroll or travel through anything (even settings menu for example) although it does seem to happen when it’s charging.
Is an update going to be the fix for it?


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Does anyone still have this problem after a few (partial) charging cycles?

Mine is better than when I first had it. It seemed worse when the phone was encrypted, may well be coincidence. It also seems better since I removed the SD card but again could be nothing to do with it.

Hey, i also experience really random Touchscreen issues.

Because it happens so randomly i really think its just a Software related Problem.

  1. I had the crazy ghosting touch for a few times.

  2. I also sometimes see pretty big squarelike artefacts on the bottom of the screen when scrolling down, also scrolling seems to be hindered by that bug. I see that pretty often.

  3. i also experience frozen srceens in some situations, i can mostly resolve that with shutting the screen and turning it back in.

  4. And i have another bug i would open a New topic for. Its random reboots when im surfing the web, downloading,…

Just wanted to say, im still very happy with the phone, looking forward to some bug fixes by Fairphone.
I really think its all just minor Software bugs.

And i wonder if any kind of crash report system would help support to identify software problems?


When it reboots do you notice before that the SD card dismounts (if you have one). Also is your sim card new? Was it a proper micro sim or did you cut a mini to size?