Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay

OMG this is just the most crazy and annoying bug I ever had with a smartphone!

It used to happen just from time to time, now it’s just impossible to use the phone at all, I can barely unlock the sim (pincode).

Another aspect of the bug that i thin wasn’t mentioned before. The letter E and D are almost impossible to type (even when the bug doesn’t happen). Whe I try to type E, both Z and R letters are typed in instead (im on a french azerty keyboard).

The workaround did not help much.

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Sounds like a problem with the screen or the connection between the screen and the rest of the phone. Reassembling helps in case of the latter. See also this topic:

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Having this issue, seems to happen whilst plugged in on charger more often than not but not always. Will try the workaround to see if it helps. It seems to fix itself as well, it’ll do it later on in the day and ill just leave it and the next day it’s fine :confused:

Same here too. :angry:

Thanks. The result is pretty straighforward :frowning:

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I am very disappointed by the FP2. Got 1.5.1 and these displayissues are still there. After some time of general using I have do lock/unlock the phone because the display goes crazy. I also cant use my phone while pluged in two of my chargers (both original Samsung 1A). It has no problem with a cheap noname product with 0.5A.

I know you dont have as much manpower as Apple or Samsung to work on a fix. On the one hand I support your idea for a repairable/longer usable smartphone and fair paid workers in the whole process. But on the other hand I dont want to use my FP2 anymore because this issue is soooooo annoying and makes me crazy.

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Has anyone tried using a ferrite-bead on the USB-cable for charging and see if the touch input gets better with it (if not: try a second winding; or 2 beads, one on the chargers end - one on the micro-USBs end of the line)? To me it sounds like an EMC-related problem.

I don’t have the problem with my chargers but occasionally touch input does crazy things and it seems it’s related to the humidity of my input-finger. But that’s a different issue, I guess.

Hello I had the same problems. They have send me a new display and now
everything works fine again. You have to call them

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Can you give me the number?

At the time of writing, it’s:

Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

(It’s at the very bottom of each support page, including the support request form)

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my screen scrolls up and down - mostly up - arbitrarily. changing the access to medium instead of short didn´t change anything. I changed the contrast (Helligkeit), but that didm´t change anything. I switched it out and back on several times. No changes. Even when I switch the fairphone on it starts flickering/scrolling. Do you know if this is (still) considered as a bug that will be solved in an update? Or have you any other idea what to do? It is hart to use messaging at all at the moment, for example. by the way - are you german? then an answer in german would be appreciated by me. thank you for your help.

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I agree wholeheartedly! Fairphone is a great idea but sadly the phone has too many problems to be usable. Going back to my old iPhone 5 I’m afraid. Big waste of money too.

If your device doesn’t work, return it. You have warranty!
The phone as it is designed works perfectly fine, but any electronic product may have a couple of faulty devices among them. Just get it fixed.

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So this exact bug has happened to me, it started a few weeks ago with one band on the screen not working, but now it’s two bands and what was a minor annoyance has become totally unusable… I have tried all the fixes on the forum

I have sent a message into the helpdesk, but I’m just wondering what people’s experience of the turnaround time has been? (I’m going travelling soon, so can’t really afford to get drawn into a prolonged saga in getting it fixed)

So finally this bug also got me. I already had some problems with the screen (Bright spots on the display and Parts of the touch screen dont work). I got my brand new third display and it was going crazy from the first moment.
Touch and hold delay improved it slightly.
After cleaning the contacts to the screen it works like a charm for one evening. The next morning, it was jumping again.
Switching on the pointer position in the developer options (translated from german. No idea, what it is called exactly in english) as suggested from @rynn seems to work for me. No jumps this whole day.

So I am not sure, wheather its a hardware problem, or a software problem. Maybe a mixture of both.
When the pointer position will work for more than one day, I am more or less happy with it. Its ugly, but I hope one time an update will be able to solve the problem, because it seems to be possible to solve it on the software side.
Apart from this it makes no sense for me. As far a I understand this option just shows position and some data like speed and position in the top of the sceen. No idea, what does it change.

While I am writing, I had the first jump with this option on…

I never figured out the reason. My wild assumptions are either temperature or humidity. The probability of the phone going into crazy-mode increased with duration of constant use. Maybe there is static charge building up.
The pointer-position-feature does not solve the problem, I just enabled it to visualize the problem.
I got my phone replaced today, so the next days will show if this solved the problem (I have to setup the new phone first).

Yes, I just glanced over this thread some time ago and had this feature in mind when I faced the problem last week. Thats why I gave it a try. For me it makes no sense, that it has something to do with the dissappear of the problem at my phone.
Nevertheless I dont dare to deactivate it, because its so nice to use at the moment and the jumps were gone in the moment I activated the feature.

It would be nice to get some information of the fp technicians what they think where the problem comes from. (software,
hardware, grounding problem,…)

After a few days of testing I can say, that the pointer location feature in the developer options solve the problem for me. With the pointer location I have only one to five jumps a day. Without I can’t use my phone because of the jumps.

So in my case it seems to be a software problem. At least it can be solved in a software way and now I will wait for updates.

Replacing the phone seems to have solved the problem totally. With the new phone I have not experienced the weird touchscreen once since then. So I consider this a hardware-problem.