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I bought a Fairphone 2 about 1 year ago. Since 1 month ago the screen starts to becone crazy several times per day, leaving the phone unusable. After some time (minutes or hours) the screen comes back to normal.

The sympthoms are the same than the ones in Screen loose connection / little shield by screen connection (Fairphone 2) but in my case it did not happen after a hit and apparently the screen holders are ok.

However I believe that, as with the other user, the problem is due a poor phone-scrren connection.

How can I solve this problem? I think that replacing the screen module may not solve the issue because it may have a loose connection too.

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Hello, have you tried to open your phone and screwing on all the modules?

I’m sorry to tell you that, but it started similarly for me. For some time, it helped to insert a piece of thick paper in between the core module and the case about where the screen contacts are. This increases the pressure to the contacts. Bending the screen slightly backward or forward also sometimes helps. After a couple of months, this problem has become more severe, until the point that the phone (after about 20 months of use) has become now unusable, i.e. there’s no way to see a clear screen.

Thank you @Eddue144 for your comment. I am sad to hear this though. I will try the piece of paper thing.

@Friek I tried to tifhten the screws but it did not help.

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Hemos cambiado la pantalla porque frecuentemente se píxels o se trocea en múltiples duplicados…etc. No funciona. Quitas batería y pantalla y vuelves a probar y funciona un tiempo y luego vuelve. Últimamente muy recurrentemente.
Pendientes de contestación del servicio de soporte…

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