Fairphone 2 Core Module: Achilles Heel

Hi there,
I did a thorough research a few months ago about an issue with my FP2 display module, that ended looking like a Core Module issue: these modules’ integrity is somehow affected by time, ‘bending’ the module and affecting the connection to the display.

Well, from then on, I looked for 2nd hand core modules and bought one. It just resetted every now and then, mostly when loading (moderately) large webpages or whatsapp threads, for example.

Then I bought another 2nd hand core module. This one has the same issue that the display module, but with the microphone: it does not work because of the connection with the core module (tested with different bottom modules that work on other cores)

So my question is: is it worth to search for more core modules or they are all, at this point, mostly crap? It’s a shame it’s the only piece not sold by Fairphone as replacement, because I bought replacements of each other part trusting that, if the core was not for sale, it should be more robust.


Hi and Sorry to hear my core module does not work, as long as I used it, I had no issue with the mic. Maybe something broke during shipment? Took quite long (3 weeks) to arrive in Spain, was package OK or “destroyed”?

Hey Rodrigo,

I do not have those issues with the display or the bottom module (yet), but you see a fair amount of posts similar to yours in this forum.

So if the modules do not make good electrical contact, I would assume its either a problem of the spring-contacts or probably broken solder joints.

If its the latter, you may be lucky: Some time ago, I saw a post that proposed a makeshift reflow repair method. Heres the link:

If you are willing to experiment, that may solve your problem :slight_smile:


Thanks, I know about the oven nuke final solution, but I dare not to try :slight_smile: Also, I only have the oven in which I cook, and you shouldn’t use that one.

The contacts seems ok, I tried before cleaning, pinching, etc. but to no avail. It’s somehow the core module structure, which sometimes bend a little.

I was able to make the mic work again by changing the case: with several reopens or usage, the case kind of becomes a little loose. A tight case seems to ‘rectify’ the core, in this occasio. By now, it works!

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Hi Yvonne,
No worries, maybe it got a little bent during the transport, or got some other condition. Or maybe it was just my case, that was a bit loose.
I kind of solved it by now by using a tightened brand new case.


I currently also have some rare issues to charge the FP2, luckily it’s no longer my daily driver. Overall I think in your case I would not buy more FP2 core modules but would rather keep an eye on the second hand marked for FP3. Using it since a few weeks its really a difference to the FP2


I’ll take your advice!

I completely agree. We are 3 at home, and each one of us had an FP2. Years later, I still happily use my FP2, but my son’s FP2 died because of its core module, and it looks more and more like my wife’s FP2 will also have to be discarded, also because of the core module. It is really a shame, that Fairphone do not sale this module, even though it means reinstalling from scratch (because the core memory is on it).

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