Fairphone 2 Copenhagen (or Manchester)

Hi All,

I have a Fairphone 2, everything working with the exception of the following:

  • (major problem) both SIM card slots have pins snapped and so you cannot use a phone network. These need replacing which I haven’t managed to get round to, which is my reason for selling.
  • slightly pressure damaged screen, works well, just a small discoloration in one area, does not affect use at all

I’d favor giving this away to someone who can either use it as a development device for contributing to the project or who is experienced in soldering and repair who may use it as their phone.

Basically whatever option is most helpful to reducing waste.

Please IM me if you’re interested. Reply to this message with general questions for others to see.




Hi Will,
I am intersted to your FP2.
I’d like to introduce my cousin to the world of smartphones and best choice is to do it fairfully. I think i can repair the SIM slots as in my garage I already did something like that for a previous mobile. Screen is not a problem.
Can you please provide some pictures and data about the phone (when did you buy it? any software problem?).

Finally, I am in Italy but of course I can pay for shipping.
You can contact me in private messaging if you prefer.
Many thanks in advance

Let me know,

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