Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

Hey there, you will also find relevant information about how to proceed in the support article:


Please be careful with doing this.
Opening (and performing self-repair on) modules voids the warranty of the specific module.


Has anybody tried this fix for the video focussing problem??

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Yes I did replace the foam, and now the focus is working great !
So this looks like a factory assembly issue.

Just to be sure, the focus works without issues in videos after the foam replacement?
Because I got a new camera module, which fixed the focus errors for still pictures but I still get occasional focussing errors with video captures…

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Well not at all for video, 1 or 2 seconds after pressing the record button, the focus goes wild and the video is blurry… I think it’s more of a software issue, as the photos are OK

Hi Jochen, I also have the same focus problem with my FP camera. When I try to disassembly the module by following your pictures, I can’t I get to remove the last tiny screw. Did you any special screwdriver to do it? Thanks.

If I remember correctly it was a torx screwdriver… Can usually be found in any medium-size toolkit :slight_smile:

I can confirm this, you also can find them cheap on Ebay (got mine for free with a 30$ replacement screen for my former phone…)

I didn’t know how it’s called, but had it in my cheap “electronic repair” screwdriver set.
It’s a set with 1 screwdriver and a bunch of different bits. This is a cheap alternative on having lots of screwdrivers if you don’t need them daily.

Thank you, I have found it : torx T5.

venerdì, 21 ottobre 2016, 11:21AM +02:00 da Jochen noreply@fairphone.com :

For anyone looking for these there are some here :

Just in case people start reading from the bottom:
:warning: Opening up the modules themselves will void your warranty:


Done it: It works perfectly now! Thank you!

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Thanks, worked great, ~10minutes needed to fix the focus problem

It worked ! I moved the foam a little but it sufficed to let the camera focus freely ! Thanks a lot m8 :smiley:

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Guys, try latest 1.11 FP OS update, the focus seems to be greatly improved !
I did a quick test, and at least I can take a video with opencamera without losing focus.

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Note that 1.11 iswas still in Beta and there did appear to be one or two issues that need to be smoothed out before general release. That being said, the beta phase hasn’t been very long for the previous updates. ,so hopefully full release will be soon… And it’s released.

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… and it works :slight_smile: