Fairphone 2 bottom module - not charging anymore properly

Hi there,
I am having severe issues charging my FP2, the connector is wobly and the speaker doesn’t work anymore I can only call people with a headphones. The latter I could deal with, but the charging is an issue indeed…

Does anyone have a spare part bottom module? I am based in the Netherlands.

PS: I find it strange that this phone is sold as modular though when you actually need a component you cant buy it … :((((

Please search for ‘FP2 bottom repair’ and you will find topics on repairing the mic and usb port

Hang on for a while. Some FP2s may come on the market shortly, for use or for spare parts. People sometimes donate to Angels, so you might get in touch with a local Angel about this. Might be able to help with a repair job too.
Hope things work out for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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