Fairphone 2 boots to grey screen

My Fairphone 2, running Fairphone Open 16.10, now boots to a grey screen with a white back arrow at the bottom. Restarting doesn’t help. Has anybody else had this problem?

I later disovovered that my phone boots normally without my SD card. So the issue is something to do with the card, presumably.

Yep, sound just like being a SD card issue. I assume you have apps moved from the phone to the card and for some reason it got currupted.
Take is out and use it in a card reader on an available Windows pc for fixing it.
Some like chkdsk (drive letter): /f should generally fix filesystem troubles. But even more interesting is the fact of having a corrupted filesystem. Maybe the SD card has become faulty.
Maybe going the long way has a better result. Backup all your data on it, (slow) format the card and recover all your data. Give it another try in your phone.

I tried the card in my laptop and I think it’s definitely faulty. Anyway, this can be closed as a Fairphone issue. Thanks.

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