🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Fairphone 2 bei memolife über utopia für 399€

“Das Fairphone 2 zum Sonderpreis von 399,- Euro ist in begrenzter Stückzahl und nur bis 29.11.2018 ausschließlich online über die Verlinkung auf dieser Seite auf memolife.de erhältlich. Die Lieferung erfolgt solange der Vorrat reicht.”

Eine Aktion in Zusammenarbeit von utopia.de und memolife.de. Wählt man die transparente Hülle, gibt es wohl noch eine türkisfarbene extra dazu



Hello, are they still with Android 6?
Thanks, Paolo

Sorry, I don’t know. I want just share a deal that found in web. 530 € too much for some fairphone lovers

Android 7 for the Fairphone 2 is out for some days now, but you should still assume that resellers got the phones they sell right now in before that, so Android 6 is more likely on phones sold just now with immediate availability.
But what does it matter? Just upgrade to Android 7 then.


Following the link, you will find your guessing to be correct.
The product description gives Android 6 as OS.

Btw. Android 7 is not exactly “out”, as it is spread randomly.
I for example still have not been granted access to Android 7.
For what it’s worth I will take my time and wait for the first bugs discovered to be taken care of. (Though not being able to catch pokemon, is no concern of mine. :wink: )

Ok, you have a point … But at least Fairphone Open OS 18.10.0 (Android 7) is out, and a manual switcher file to switch from Open to Fairphone OS 18.09.2 (Android 7) is out, too :wink: .

I wouldn’t always trust a seller to immediately update every little detail spec that just did happen to change. Although that would be nice :slight_smile: .

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In general I agree, but if the page is updated pricewise, I would expect them to have made that change as well. So far, they seemed very reliable to me.
That there are workarounds available to update the phone to Android 7, is nice, but hardly a solution for everyone. :wink:
As is the possibility to update by entering the developer-mode of the updater.

do you think this offer is reliable?

Not sure, what you mean.
But memolife is a respectable online-shop, that I use for years.
No need to worry of fraud or the like.
And to my knowledge, you will not get it any cheaper than that.

If you look for a FP2 right now, that’s the way to go.

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Thank you BertG, you understood exactly what I meant.

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@urs_lesse Do you have a source for this part?

It’s not referenced on the page you linked to.

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