Fairphone, 2. batch, display, general "repairability"


I read about the Fairphone a lot and I am curious now. In many articles about the Fairphone, I read that the display is not glued with the front glass, so that the glass can be replaced without the display. Later having a look at the available spare parts in the shop, I found out this does not seem to be true. However, in the shop it is written that the display unit which can be bought is only for first batch phones:

“Important: this spare part is only compatible with the first batch of Fairphones (FP1, late 2013 and early 2014) and will not work with the second batch (FP1U, mid 2014).”

Does the second batch phones have different displays? What is different then? Is there an improvement and can the glass be separately changed in second batch phones? I am also curious, if I would need a spare part in three years if such parts can still be bought (?).

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There’s been some confusion about whether or not the glass is glued to the display. See this discussion in the old Zendesk forums (don’t post there anymore, it’s just an archive now). The conclusion is that the display is actually glued. At least, for the first batch of phones it is, but I doubt that it’s any different for the second batch.

I really want to know this too, as the display on my second batch FP just broke after a fall of about 70 cm… I wouldn’t mind too much if it wasn’t for the fact that the touch screen now doesn’t work. Have sent a message to the support so I hope there will be at least some good news about replacement displays for the second batch available for order soon.

My fairphone, after a fall about ca, 30 cm !!! had a little crack, that’s not the problem. the problem is, I can’t give in the PIN, only 1, 2, 3 are touchable, the other 4 - 9 are not touchable …
have you any idea???

Henrik, what’s now with your phone?