Fairphone 2 and CyanogenMod / LineageOS

Maybe you can share your interest also on Cyanogenmod’s forum? :slightly_smiling:


@keesj begon to port CM12 on FP2. The sources are here : https://github.com/keesj/cm12-device-fairphone-fp2

Maybe @keesj has more information about that? Or more globally, why FP2 could not be released with CM (even with Google App)?

Are there a legal (Google or Qualcomm) issue? Or it is a technical or strategic choice to prefer AOSP?


This has been explained a couple of times already: the porting projects are community-based projects that will be facilitated, but not implemented by Fairphone. So, the reason is that the limited man- and woman power in the Fairphone company.

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Ok, but why AOSP and not Cyanogenmod (with Privacy Guard and a lot a usefull improvement)?

Do you have links who explain that ? (Not generally but particularly to cyanogenmod)

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I have no knowledge about official explanations about this. But I expect this to be a stratetigal decision that was taken a long time ago already. However, according to this poll (already more than half a year old) enthusiasm for CM is not very high.

Thanks for your answer. But the poll and people may be not very objective. A lot a people request SailfishOS… but how many really have tryed SailfishOS? How many devices are supported? Sailfish (Jolla) communication is nice and attractive and they are also good reasons to like Sailfish OS (even is not 100% opensource). However note that, in the poll, more people request CM that Fairphone or Google Android. (And there is other insteresting poll too).

That said, more and more devices are sell with Cyanogenmod directly (OnePlus devices, YU Yureka, YU Yuphoria, Andromax Q, Lenovo ZUK Z1, Wileyfox Swift, Wileyfox Storm, BQ Aquaris X5). I still do not understand the choice of Fairphone (and why there are so many Google apps pre-installed).

Lets talk about it.

Btw is there a enthusiast rom maintainer in the room?


I’d love to see CM support for the FP2, as I’m rather sure I don’t want to live without the features of CM anymore.


Yeah, as far as generalizability, the poll is quite useless. But what can be deduced is that at the time, the community was not screaming for Cyanogen Mod either.

This makes me think that the choice for AOSP is a strategical one: to choose for familiarity for ‘regular’ users but at the same time stay open (through opening source code as much as is legally possible) to alternative ROMS.

See also this post:
([quote=“douwe, post:13, topic:11253, full:true”]
Yeah, we heard, this is pretty nice and amazing!

I need to stress that the work of Ubuntu (and Firefox and Jolla) although supported by Fairphone, is not our work. We are really happy with the work of the communities, but we are not always up to date ourselves what and how fast they are making stuff work. They are true community efforts.

And thus we also have nothing to say on their presentation at MWC…

Obviously, I would love to see a CM port to FP2 as well. More eagerly even than possible ports of Jolly or Firefox. A port of - a fully working - Ubuntu touch would make me even more happy.


I’m changing at the moment from CM (for Anroid 4.4.4) to FP stock android and let me tell you is it not pretty :frowning:
Actually I cannot understand how it is possible in our “individualize-every-single-piece-of-crap” times that such an uncustomiyable OS is so wide spread … It’s not possible to change the most basic things! Why?
I knew it would be hard but it’s plainly terrible. I almost regret that I’m no coder, so I could port CM myself …


Yeah, CM really would be nice, and should not be so difficult if aosp already works… Other ROMs also use aosp as its basis… But regarding resources in the fp headquarters, I heard there’s a flu epidemic, so the already stressed out situation only got worse…
For the poll, maybe there were too many choices, too much fragmentation. After seeing what stock is, what osos is, the deceased Firefox os, Ubuntu still far away, and sailfish still a niche, maybe people would choose differently…

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Community-based projects seem not be so easy, because of proprietary blobs, who makes that the “community” could not share full ready images of alternative os.

Maybe Fairphone could facilitate that if they really want to enhance community based contributions.

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Hope a cyanogenmod dev bought a Fairphone…


There is a device that uses the same chipset as the FP2: the HTC One M8.


There is already an Cyanogenmod 13 build for this device so I think chances are high that one day we will see a CM13 build for the FP2 ;-).

oh btw: The Ubuntu Port seems to be based on a CyanogenMod 12.1 port! Just read that here:


That’s my biggest hope, really… FP2 + CM would be THE killer combination for me :).


Hmm can someone explain “for dummies” why cyanogenmod can’t be installed on the FP2? what would happen if flashed?

Since the hardware of every device is different, you need an image specially built for the device, including the needed drivers etc.
So you won’t have any image to flash, since there is simply no image for FP2. And if you flash an image for another device, your FP will very likely be bricked.

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I think the main issue is a legal problem. Fairphone hardware is not 100% open-source. Some drivers are proprietary. The consequence is that it is not legal to build and share and images who include this parts…


It is why this thread is discuting how to compiling a blob free variant (without proprietary parts).

It is probably also why there still not have ready builds of CM.

I think that’s not the problem. I only wanted to point out in that thread you linked that “just copy and pasting” files will not work. Some of the code from the FP2 bin-blob tarball is being used in the build process. A CM port is still possible and some tried a bit already. And maybe that’s best that can happen to the FP2 anyway. But I don’t know anything about CM.

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Definitely no. If you look at other devices support by CM, you will see that they also need these proprietary drivers etc. but projects (like CM) don’t seem to care about this too much about the legal issues and just distribute these parts as well. And so far, nobody seems to have sued them or it just didn’t happen in the public.

I assume the reason is mainly because simply nobody has taken the effort to port it, although it shouldn’t be too difficult. Someone just has to do it.