Fairphone 2.5 Display Module replacemente gives me a blank screen

Yes, it’s rather hit-or-miss. It appears to be a small part of the core modules that show this problem. I solved my problem by getting a second-hand FP2 with a cracked screen and swapping the core module. The “new” one is about equally old and has also been carried in trouser pockets for years but doesn’t show any display issues so far.


Cool! Mine has 5 years and it worked perfectly until a couple of months ago. I wonder if it was the bottom module replacement I did (first time I actually ‘opened’ it), or it was just was about time.

Probably the mechanical stress is a complex combination of factors hard to predict. I used to put it in my leg pocket while biking, for example.

Is there a second market of core modules? I cannot see them as available at Fairphone’s store. It would save me money and electronic waste.

The core module is responsible for the majority of CO2 production, so you could get a second-hand phone. I can imagine that there are phones with broken bottom modules on offer.


Yes, the #market section. You can also post in #market:search to ask for a second-hand core-module.
Otherwise you will also find some refurbished core-modules at vireo.de (don’t have a link handy) for some quite hefty price).